Linden Ponds Chef Shares Holiday Recipes

Linden Ponds Chef de Cuisine Natale Umbro's finest holiday recipes.

Linden Ponds Chef de Cuisine Natale Umbro is sharing some holiday recipes this holiday season. I didn’t know if your readers would want to see them!

Cioppino soup ( 8 to 10 people)

Olive oil- ½ a pint

Saffon powder or threads- 1 pinch

Celery ¼” chop-1/2 of a cup

White onion ¼” chop-1/2 of a cup

Green bell pepper-1/2 of a cup

Garlic Minced-1/4 of a cup

Fresh thyme Minced-14 of a cup

Fresh parsley Fine Chop- ½ a cup

Dry Oreagno- 1 oz

Green Onions-1 cup


Crushed tomato -1 can

V-8 or tomato juice 2qt can- 1 can (16 oz)

White wine-4 oz

Fish bases LS- ½ a lb

Black pepper - tt

White Fish-1/2 a lb

Crab meat- ½ a lb

Fresh Chopped Clam- 1 can (6 oz)

Corn starch-1 table spoon  box


Shrimp 21/25- 2 LB shrimp P and D

Clam with shell- 4 dozen

Brown vegetables with seasoning and deglace with wine.

Cook the seafood separate from the stock


Chicken Maria


Chicken breast-4

Flour- 3 cups

Black pepper- 3 pinches

Garlic powder-1 oz

Oil-3 cups

Mix the flour with the black pepper & garlic powder.  Coat the chicken with the mixed flour and sauté the chicken till golden brown in a sauté pan. Put the chicken in a hotel pan.


Fresh Spinach- I lb bag of spinach

Garlic minced- 4 garlic cloves

Oil- 5 oz

Red pepper-2 peppers

Shredded Mozzeralla-8oz 

Zip lock Plastic bag – large enough to fit the two peppers

In a different sauté pan wither the spinach down with oil and garlic till the spinach is deflated. Put into a smaller pan. Next take the whole red pepper and roast them over one of the burner till roasted (don’t be afraid yo are removing the skin later so it will burn up). When the peppers are roasted put both peppers in a plastic bag and zip it shut. Wait 1 min and take the pepper out of the bag and remove the skin. Slice the pepper into strips.


Chicken stock 1 pint

 White wine- 1 cup

Corn starch- 8oz

Using the same pan as the chicken deglase the pan with white wine and add 1 pint of chicken stock into the pan. Boil the mixture and till thicken 9 if the stock boil and doesn’t not thicken use corn starch (add water to corn starch; just enough to make into a slurry). Add corn starch to stock till the sauce thickens.

Assemble: Put the red pepper ontp of the chicken. Next, put spinach ontp of the red pepper. Next, put the mozzeralla ontop of the spinach.  Cook for 7 mines and top the chciken with sauce at servies. 


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