Hingham Dog Shot By BB Gun

Hingham police believe a Portuguese water dog was shot in the owner’s backyard.

A 10 year-old Portuguese water dog was shot  by a BB gun while walking in the owner's backyard earlier this month, Hingham police said.

The incident occurred 2-4 weeks ago, but the pet’s owner did not detect the wound until they visited the vet for an x-ray on Wednesday.

Police said the bullet was not removed because of the dogs age, but doctors reported the Hingham pet will recover.

believe the dog was shot in the owner’s backyard, between the hours of 2-10 p.m. while she was at work.  The dog has access to the yard through a doggie-door.

Police Sgt. Steven Dearth said they don’t have a lead on any suspect or suspects but a young boy carrying a BB gun was seen two weeks ago in the neighborhood. Neighbors did not know the identity of the boy.

Police said they do not believe this shooting was related to the fatal killing of a 7-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, named Stanley back in January.    by a pellet gun, while he was in a backyard on Chamberlain Run, located off East Street. 


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