Hingham Woman Gets Probation, No Jail Time in Identity Fraud Case

In Brockton Court, Wanpen Florentine changed her plea guilty, and admitted that her real name is Penny Collins-Siridee.

The Hingham woman found  with 11 driver’s licenses and six U.S. passports with multiple identities a year ago in Hingham, was sentenced to two years probation and will spend no time in jail.

On Monday in Brockton Superior County, Wanpen Florentine changed her plea to guilty to one count of procuring a falsified motor vehicle operating license and one count of mortgage fraud, according to WATD.

Florentine explained that her legal name by marriage is Penny Collins-Siridee.

The 63-year-old was originally facing nine charges of identity and mortgage fraud but because two her identities ‘Penny Collins’ and ‘Penny Siridee’, are forms of her legal name, several charges have been dropped, WATD reported.

WATD reported that Florentine explained she’s been a United States citizen since 1978 and over the years she’s never thrown away expired licenses or passports.

Florentine was arrested last March at her home at 11 Crooked Meadow Lane after evidence from a search warrant showed she  had five social security cards with different names, two resident alien cards with different names with her photo, a photocopy of an additional resident alien card and social security number, 11 MA drivers licenses all with her photo, 11 credit cards, six U.S. passports all with her photo, and multiple bank books and check books, according to police.

Police said her aliases included Penny Siridee, Wanpen Collins, Laciga Rachaisri, Wanpen S.J. Collins and Hieng Kridaratikon.

Her two addresses used were 11 Crooked Meadow Lane and 23 Ridgewood Crossing.

At the time of her arrest,  Florentine was listed as the manager on the all-alcoholic license at Jack’s Cafe, which has since closed shortly after having its alcohol license revoked.


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