Police Say Seat Belts Prevented Injuries in Hingham Crash

A highway sign broke through a vehicle window, yet no one was injured in a messy two-vehicle crash at a busy Hingham intersection on Wednesday night.

Hingham Police are saying seat belts prevented  injuries in a two-vehicle crash in which a sign was propelled through the windshield of one of the vehicles at a busy Hingham intersection on Wednesday night.

The front of a 2013 Toyota Tocoma struck the rear of a 2006 Ford Ranger, sending the Ford onto a raised curb where it struck a highway sign, Sgt. Steven Dearth said.

Police said the crash occurred just before 6:30 p.m. at the five way intersection of Derby Streetm Whiting Street (Route 53), and Gardner Street. 

“The sign post broke off and was thrown into a nearby telephone pole so the bottom of the sign post was sticking out of the pole almost parallel to the ground,” Dearth said. “The Ford continued traveling forward and struck the same utility pole.”

The Ford’s two occupants, a 52 year-old Hanover man and his wife,   were both properly seat belted and were not injured, Dearth said. They air bags had also deployed.

“Without their seat belts on it is likely from the impact their bodies may have been moving or sliding in the center of the cab area which would have put them directly in the path of the sign and post,” Dearth said. “The sign entered through the center of the windshield with enough force that it fully penetrated the cab area.”

The Toyota’s driver, a 56-yer-old Norwell man was also uninjured and wearing a seatbelt. 

No citations were issued after the crash.


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