Seal Found Washed Ashore in Hingham Backyard

Officials from the New England Aquarium believe it was resting.

A seal was found in a Hingham backyard Wednesday afternoon during a heavy downpour of rain.

When residents of a home in a Crow Point neighborhood found it at 2:51 p.m. Wednesday, they contacted Hingham police who then contacted the New England Aquarium, the police log stated.

Officials from the Aquarium said they had just moved the seal on Tuesday and believe it was just resting. They also advised the residents not to touch it, according to the Hingham police log.

The Aquarium informed the Hingham residents that they would only respond if the seal remained in the backyard after a day.

On Twitter, Hingham Police said selas have been found in the past near the bathing beach and boat ramp area, but believed this incident was unique.

The seal was located in the area of Walton Cove.


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