Are Colored Holiday Lights Banned on Main Street?

You Ask, Patch Answers: Are colored Christmas lights banned on Hingham's Main Street?

The rumor was floating around all holiday season.  Many Hingham residents believe there is an old law in place that disallows colored Christmas lights on Main Street.

But in fact like most rumors, this tale is false.  According to the Hingham Police Department, there is no law or bylaws  in Hingham regulating holiday lighting.  The Hingham Historical Society believes hanging only white lights on Main Street homes is just a tradition.

When  one Patch reporter traveled down Main Street a week before Christmas, he noticed that the majority of residents follow the tradition of only decorating their homes with white lights.  There were a small number of homes that did have colored lights.

TELL US: What do you know about this old rumor? Do you think Main Street residents should follow the tradition and only decorate their homes with white lights?  Let us know in the comments.

Joe Hingham January 09, 2013 at 01:25 PM
I know that the Historical Society believes that the one white light in the window is tradition and I remember when Tom Hastings put up his very tastefull tree with colored lights at the corner of Main and St Pleasant St. The Society was agast. If I lived on Main St I would but as many colored lights on my house as I could just to tick them off.


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