One Hingham Road Remains Without Speed Signs Even With Vehicles Exceeding the Limit

The Traffic Committee decided to not post speed limit signs on Kilby Street after conducting a study on how fast vehicles were traveling on the road.

Speed Limit signs will not be installed on Kilby Street, even though the average vehicle is traveling over 10 miles per hour over the limit. 

The decision to do without signs on the busy Hingham road was made by the Traffic Committee on Wednesday night after they conducted a seven day study that showed that 85 percent of the recorded vehicles were traveling 41 miles per hour, which is higher than the legal 30 mph limit.

The committee argued that the speeds were not excessive enough,  the number of police citations on the road were minimal, and the accident rate in the area was very low.

Hingham Traffic Sgt. Steven Dearth said the police department would assign officers to the area more frequently to slow down vehicles  and in the warmer months, a speed radar trailer would be placed on the road.

The “Thickly Settled” signs, which are already posted on the roads, were also cleaned and made more visible by the Hingham DPW.

Kilby Street residents Geraldine Lombardo and Carole O’Connell had asked for the Speed Limit signs to be posted back in November. In addition, Committee member Harry Sylvester said the results of the speed study concerned him and thinks vehicles are traveling too fast on the road.

Committee member Paul Healey responded  by saying the low accident rate to go along with the study prove that installing new signs is not worth the town’s resources.

The speed study was conducted in early December in the 100 block of Kilby Street, which is about a half mile from the East Elementary School.

Nick Pebley January 28, 2013 at 01:22 AM
So.... installing a few signs is a waste of the town's resources, but assigning extra police and putting up a radar trailer is not? Do signs really cost that much? Let's not wait until someone gets hurt - put up a few signs.
steven richmond January 29, 2013 at 04:29 PM
Not worth the $$$.. Well let me put in my .02 cents worth....the cost is coming from MY tax $$$ and in the event it saves one life or injury it is worth it. When someone gets hurt which one of these committee members will stand up and take responsibility? As Nick pointed out... signs cost more than police details and the radar trailer? My experiance has shown that most people have no idea what the "THICKLY SETTLED" signs mean. In nieghborhoods with these signs posted I still see vehicles traveling at a rate of speed far exceeding the limit. as was posted on a web site.... "Thickly Settled. "A 'Thickly Settled' district is an area where houses or other buildings are located, on average, less than 200 feet apart." If you find a "Thickly Settled" sign in Massachusetts, don't think of it as a quaint sign. Consider it as a 30 mile an hour speed trap because the law states that speeds over 30 mph in a "Thickly Settled" or business district are not considered reasonable and proper." http://www.schlichtman.org/mahighways/ PLEASE PUT UP THE SIGNS


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