Hingham School Partners Honored Last Month

Representatives from many local businesses and departments were honored in November for partnering with the six Hingham Public Schools.

Last month, the Hingham Public School recognized 10 new partners at the second annual reception for.  The event was held at the East School library media center on November 17, a week before Thanksgiving.

School Committee Chair, Linda Hill described the unique contributions of each honoree and  presented certificates, assisted by other members of the School Committee , Caryl Falvey, Ray Estes, and Carol Falvey. 

Two of last year's inductees, who were unable to attend last year, were also honored.



The Hingham Municipal Light Plant, represented today by General Manager Paul Heanue, has for many years supported annual electrical safety lessons for  all of Hingham’s elementary school students.  Safety Consultant Ray Gouley, the long time instructor in the program, has been nominated as a school- community partner by the Hingham’s elementary school administrators.  They describe Ray as being engaging and age-appropriate in his lessons with children across the grades, enthusiastic about his topic and flexible about the intricacies of scheduling in an elementary school.   He brings visual aids and electrical safety booklets for all of the children; the lessons culminate with a cash gift to each school.   In addition to sponsoring the electrical safety lessons through Mr. Gouley’s consulting business, the HMLP has also enhanced education in Hingham through its support of the solar panels on the high school roof and other projects such as safety audits and most recently an emergency weather box for consultation at 4 am on snowy mornings.  Today, therefore, we recognize the efforts and outreach by both our own Hingham Municipal Light Plant (thank you Paul Heanue) and Education Safety Consultant, Ray Gouley.


The Foster School PTO was quick to nominate Brian McGeoghegan and Mohawk Rubber for their significant annual donations to the Foster “Fun Run.”  Brian, a Hingham Sports Partnership Board Member, has been generous also in his support of HSP activities, most recently by donating the use Mohawk Rubber’s Industrial Park location phone bank to facilitate the calling effort that was so successful in getting out the vote for the Special Town Meeting and Debt Exclusion Votes that resulted in funding for the Middle School Project and Phase I of the High School Fields project.   Our community partners help in many and varied ways and the efforts of Brian McGeoghegan and Mohawk Rubber do not go unnoticed.   Thank you Brian.       


Dr. Fitzgerald was initially nominated as a school-community partner by the Foster School PTO leadership, who particularly appreciate his support in their fundraising endeavors.   For the past six years or more, he has been a generous donor (of valuable dental care) to the Foster silent auction.  As well, PRS, Foster and East administrators also recognize and appreciate Dr. Fitzgerald’s sponsorship of an annual free movie at Loring Hall for Hingham children.   The children look forward to Dr, Fitzgerald’s visits when he distributes the movie tickets and also provides dental care instruction for first graders, lessons that include a special packet of  “goodies” so the children can practice at home what they have learned in class.   We are grateful to the professionals in our town who give back to their community in such a significant way.  Thank you to Hingham Orthodontics and Dr. Paul Fitzgerald.


This nomination came from Hingham High School.   Principal Paula Girouard McCann says the following ”b.good has been a regular supporter of HHS extracurricular activities.  On designated days, they have donated 50% of the profits from their Derby Street sales to various organizations like the girls hockey team and the crew program.  A recent event at HHS saw Jon himself manning the grill for a special school lunch on the day before Homecoming.  The 800-burger donation spilled over to the Homecoming concession stand, with the profits benefitting the senior class.  Not to be outdone, MS Principal Roger Boddie chimed in with appreciation for similar lunch fare for our middle schoolers last year.  b.good’s commitment to fresh, healthy food makes their products not only delicious, but great nutritional food items for teens that the schools are happy to  promote.  We express our thanks today to Jon Olinto and b.good, newer members to our town but already a model for the spirit of community partnership that exists here.


STEVE BEANE, Store Manager

The “Hannafords Helps Schools” program has benefitted Hingham schools for several years, hence the store’s nomination as a School-Community Partner by our elementary school PTO presidents.  Schools can accumulate “school dollars” when customers purchase designated products and identify a school of their choice between September 3rd and December 4th.  The designated school earns the total number of dollars and the school earning the most dollars has received an additional $1,000 grant.  Hingham’s South School has been a multiple winner in that program.  Store Manager Steve Beane is also thanked for the store’s donations of food trays for a variety of school functions and events.  We owe a big thank you to Steve and to Hannafords for their ongoing community support.


This nomination came from our Science Director, Katie Roberts, formerly Hingham’s Elementary Science Specialist. Katie compliments the generosity of Garden Club of Hingham that, through its donation to the Hingham Education Foundation, helped to fund a grant for a special Grade 4 science project (entitled "Plant Power").  The grant allowed the purchase of models, kits and readers to supplement the district-wide Grade 4 plant unit.   A past initiative of the Garden Club was an irrigation system for the PRS school garden project.

The Garden Club of Hingham has been a generous donor to the Hingham Education Foundation over the years, with their gifts often targeted to fund a grant that would foster appreciation of gardening and plants among young students.  Today, each of the elementary schools has a school garden that is a source of learning and pride among the children there.  Two of Hingham’s retired teachers, Barbara Kardok and Dottie Manganaro, are here today to accept the certificate of appreciation for the Garden Club of Hingham.


For the past four years, Dr. Kristine Grazioso of South Shore Children’s Dentistry has provided dental health lessons to South School’s youngest students during Dental Health Month each February.  Kindergartners and first graders participate in the dental health lessons (that also included pre-school students when the pre-school was located at South.)  A special treat for the children is the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned using the new tooth brush, tooth paste, and dental floss that they each receive at the conclusion of the lessons.  Through the generosity of Kristine and her colleagues, children learn about health and wellness and also experience a glimpse into careers options and an appreciation of the many community helpers in our midst.   Thank you to school-community partners Kristine Grazioso and South Shore Children’s Dentistry.


JACK DOHERTY, President ;  GREG CALKINS, Sales Representative

South School PTO reps have nominated College Hype Screen Printing and Embroidery as a school-community partner for 2011.  Well known in the arena of sports apparel and logo tee-shirts, College Hype has been generous to Hingham schools through discounted pricing for products and printing of South School and Hingham logo and apparel.  Of particular note is their donation of 100 cloth bags to support the implementation of South School’s “1000 Book Club.”  Always in the news with their logo tee shirts, the College Hype crew was in Hingham most recently for the Wahlburgers grand opening and the unveiling of the classic shamrock tee shirt that marked the event.  We appreciate that College Hype’s “neighborhood” extends to the South Shore, and to Hingham especially.  Thank you to Jack and Greg.


Mike Letorney and Horace Mann Insurance were nominated by Middle school Principal, Roger Boddie.  Roger describes Mike as especially supportive of Middle School activities.  He has donated book covers, offered programs to fund teacher supplies, and been very generous also with his time.  As well, Mike is the current President of the Hingham High School Rowing Association.  Horace Mann’s “Reach Every Child” website is known nationally as a free resource for the benefit of classroom teachers.  Mike represents well the Horace Mann commitment to educators.  Hingham is fortunate to have the support of local businesses, both large and small, who partner with us to support teaching and teachers.  Thank you, Mike Letorney.

AMBER WATTERSON, Sr. Communications Specialist

Science Director Katie Roberts nominated EMD SERONO, INC as a 2011 school community partner, but Hingham’s relationship with Serono extends back through the tenures of Hingham’s last four science directors.  Serono has been a long time friend and supporter of science teaching in Hingham.  Over the years, the Rockland company has hosted tours of their world class facility, provided grants that have improved our teaching resources in biotechnology, and facilitated professional development opportunities that have enhanced the knowledge and professional growth of our life science teachers.  One example is the funding of the attendance of three HPS science teachers to attend the 2008 Biotech Teacher-Leader Institute conference in San Diego.  Just this fall, Serono hosted a luncheon attended by two teachers (one each from Hingham Middle School  and Hingham High School ) to discuss “21st Century Skills” as they are relevant to careers in the biotech industry.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Serono and we appreciate the attention and support that this world-recognized company gives to schools on the South Shore.   Amber Watterson will carry our thanks back to her team at Serono. 


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Natalie Ahern and Stacey Havens of the Foster PTO describe Dave Littlefield’s many contributions to the Foster Fall Fair over the last 3 years.  “He has donated all of the food, manned the grills during the entire fair, and shared his cooking expertise! The Littlefields also have donated to the silent auction portion of the Fair and to the annual Fun Run.  As well, Dave brought his sausage cart to the Harbor celebration at the Bathing Beach last June where he sold his wares to the Foster families at a huge discount!”  The Foster 1000 Book Club has also benefitted from the Littlefields’ generosity.  Debbie Stellar describes them as “always there behind the scenes”.   Every school needs a family as supportive as the Littlefields; and thanks to many of you here this morning, all of our schools get tremendous support from out community partners.  Thank you to Dave and Rosemary Littlefield. 



Local resident and current Rotary Club President, Fran Perdisatt, is here today to accept recognition by the Hingham Public Schools.  Each spring, the Hingham-Hull Rotary Club has sponsored the Century Club dinner that recognizes the top 25 students in each of the four high school grades (as designated by their unweighted grade point average).  The one hundred students are treated to dinner and a speaker at the SSCC; and they receive a commemorative mug and a certificate of achievement.

As well, the Rotary Club has been a long time supporter of the HHS Scholarship Program.  The Rotary mission is one of service; and we are fortunate indeed that the club’s generosity has benefitted directly hundreds and hundreds of HPS students.  Thank you to all of the Rotary Club membership!!

-Hingham Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Dorothy Galo


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