School Committee on Recycling Policy, HHS Report

Monday Essentials: What's going on this week in Hingham?

Hingham High School.
Hingham High School.
The School Committee meets at 7 p.m. at Hingham High School. Below is the agenda for Monday night:

1. Call to order.
2. Approval of Minutes.
 2.1 Regular Session of November 18, 2013.

3. Student Communications.
4. Communications.
 4.1 To hear a report from Hingham High School.

5. Questions and Comments.

 Audience comments are always welcome as agenda items are discussed.  In addition, the School Committee has set aside fifteen minutes on this Agenda to enable members of the audience to  raise questions and make comments on any matter of general concern that is not on the agenda.   To facilitate this process, interested speakers are asked to provide the Superintendent or School  Committee Chair with the nature of the question/comment, in writing, prior to the start of the  meeting.

6. Superintendent’s Report.

7. Unfinished Business.

 7.1 To consider approval of a recycling policy, as recommended by the Policy Subcommittee.

8. New Business.

 8.1 To receive the Hingham High School CEEB Testing and Placement Report for the Class of 2013.

 8.2 To act on a declaration of intent to dispose of surplus inventory items, as recommended by the Hingham Public Schools Director of Business & Support Services and to hear    plans for their disposal.

 8.3 To consider approval of a 7D Transportation Van Award Recommendation.

 8.4 To receive notification of the appointment of T. Dacia Shillingford-Compas as a substitute afternoon Metco transportation monitor, effective November 6, 2013.
9. Other items as may not reasonably be known 48 hours in advance of the meeting. 
10. Subcommittee Reports.
11. Executive Session.
12. Adjournment.

More Monday meeting agendas here.


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